Standard 625 Appendix D: Operator's Approved Maintenance Schedule - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 1998/09/01

(1) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), applications for approval of maintenance schedules shall be submitted to the Minister through the Transport Canada regional or district office having jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant is located.

(2) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(1), an air operator's approved maintenance schedule shall ensure that the maintenance requirements listed in Appendix C are complied with.

(3) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(1), the following information shall accompany an application for approval of a maintenance schedule:

  • (a)The instructions and procedures for the conduct of scheduled maintenance on the particular make and model of aircraft, provided in the form of a check list, including the following information:
    (amended 1998/09/01)

    • (i) the name of any part or areas of the airframe, engines, propellers, appliances, and emergency equipment to be inspected or otherwise maintained;

    • (ii) the nature of the inspections or other maintenance tasks to be performed;

    • (iii) an outline of the proposed intervals for performing the inspections or other maintenance tasks, expressed in flying hours, calendar time, or cycles;

    • (iv) any tolerances applicable to the intervals between scheduled inspections or maintenance tasks;

      Information note:

      No tolerances are permitted with respect to tasks recognized by airworthiness limitations or airworthiness directives.

    • (v) where the maintenance of any part or areas of the airframe, engines, propellers, appliances, or emergency equipment is required because that part or area of the airframe, engines, propellers, appliances, or emergency equipment is subject to an airworthiness limitation, its identification as such; and

    • (vi) in the case of schedules approved in respect of air operators and flight training units that develop work instructions for maintenance personnel to be used in place of the manufacturer's maintenance manuals, a link to those work instructions.
      (amended 1998/09/01)

  • (b) Details of the substantiating data on which the proposed schedule is based.

(4) Pursuant to CAR 605.86(2), an operator of a small aircraft who wishes to use a progressive maintenance schedule, including a schedule recommended by the manufacturer, shall submit a written request for approval to the Minister. The progressive maintenance schedule shall provide for a complete inspection of the aircraft, to at least the same extent as the schedule contained in Appendix B, within each 12 month period. Once established on such a progressive schedule, if for any reason, the qualifying terms of the schedule cannot be met, the aircraft shall undergo an inspection for conversion to the schedule required by Appendix B of these standards. Such inspection shall not be less in scope than the inspection detailed in Parts I or II of Appendix B of these standards.
(amended 1998/09/01)

Information note:

For guidance and forms respecting Maintenance Schedules, refer to the Maintenance Schedule Approval Policy and Procedures Manual (TP13094).
(amended 1998/09/01)