Client Identification Database (CID)

Deadline approaching, register by October 25, 2024.

Use Transport Canada's Client Identification Database (CID) platform to register your organization that imports, offers for transport, handles, or transports dangerous goods in Canada before the deadline of October 25, 2024.

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What is the Client Identification Database?

Public safety depends on Transport Canada knowing who is importing, offering for transport, handling, or transporting (hereafter referred to as “DG Activities”) dangerous goods in Canada, what, when, and how, so we can mitigate risks. In response to new regulatory requirements, Transport Canada is introducing a new registration database called Client Identification Database (CID) for persons or organizations involved in DG activities. CID will allow persons or organizations to register and will collect information about their DG activities. It will be used by Transport Canada to better assess risk, enhance overall safety measures, and facilitate effective communication and collaboration between Transport Canada and registered persons or organizations.

For more detailed information, please visit the Canada Gazette, Part II Volume 157, Number 22

Presentation on Part 17 - Site Registration Requirements

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