International Bridges and Tunnels Act Consultations

Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project
The public comment period is now closed.

Consultation Results

As part of its review process, Transport Canada initiated a public comment period of 60 days (February 26th to April 27th) to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the proposed Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project. Approximately four hundred submissions were received, raising a number of issues and concerns. The project proponent, the Canadian Transit Company, was asked to respond to these, which they have done in the following table:

Consultation Results


The Canadian Transit Company and the Detroit International Bridge Company (CTC/DIBC) are the owners and operators of the Ambassador Bridge. The existing Ambassador Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Detroit River between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. The bridge includes four highway lanes of traffic (two lanes traversing eastbound and two lanes traversing westbound). The CTC / DIBC have proposed the Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project in Windsor, Ontario.

This project involves:

  • Constructing and operating a replacement bridge across the Detroit River;
  • Rehabilitating the Canadian approach to the bridge; and
  • Expanding the Windsor customs plaza.

As required by the International Bridges and Tunnels Act, a project application has been submitted to the Minister of Transport.

The Decision Statement for this project for the completed environmental assessment screening is available on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s website.

The following project information was prepared by the CTC / DIBC for public review. Please note that the public comment period is now closed.

Next Steps

Input received through the consultations and the CTC / DIBC ’s responses will be reviewed and will inform recommendations for next steps.

For questions or information please contact:

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