Annex K - Information Exchange / Database Sharing

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A. Purpose

In view of the ongoing need for co-operation and interaction between the two administrations, Transport Canada and Fisheries and Oceans, there is a requirement for real time and near real time exchange of information and data.

B. Basic Principle

  1. Transport Canada and Fisheries & Oceans will make available, on request and in a timely manner, the non-commercially confidential information contained in their respective general files, libraries, reporting systems and databases that is required for the parties to fulfil their statutory responsibilities. Access and further disclosure by either party will be structured to conform to the requirements of the Privacy Act and Access to Information Act.
  2. Access to electronic data bases by either party may be real time or by batch download. Neither party may corrupt the other's data base.

C. Information Exchange

Marine Communication and Traffic Service Centres will provide Transport Canada information on arrivals, departures, marine incidents, accidents, pollution and casualties involving all vessels on an immediate basis to the appropriate office, as agreed at the Regional level. Transport Canada will reciprocate in a like manner. Regional offices are to identify their respective functional counterparts that are also to be given relevant information.

D. Information Source

  1. Correspondence files (Fisheries & Oceans & Transport Canada)
  2. Libraries / Publications (Fisheries & Oceans & Transport Canada)
  3. Marine Communications and Traffic Services (Fisheries & Oceans)
  4. Pollution Reports / Investigations and Prosecutions (Fisheries & Oceans & Transport Canada)
  5. Canada Port State Control (Transport Canada)

E. Data Base Source

  1. Tombstone data - Ship Inspection Reporting System - SIRS (Transport Canada)
  2. Ship Registration Information System - SRIS (Transport Canada)
  3. Reference Management System - Canada Shipping Act Regulations (Transport Canada)
  4. VTS / ECAREG / WESTREG / NORDREG / CGRS - MCTS (Fisheries & Oceans)
  5. Statistical Information Search & Rescue - SISAR (Fisheries & Oceans)
  6. Hydrographic Charts and Publications - electronic format

F. Protocols

  1. Procedures for the transfer of data sets to be determined for both individual requests and annual updates if required.
  2. Identify contact persons for the holders of information.
  3. Copyright protection of data and acknowledgement.
  4. Format in which the requested data is to be received, e.g. , variable definitions and descriptions for the data fields.
  5. Access to electronic databases by either party may be real time or by batch download. Neither party may corrupt the other's database.

G. Cost Recovery

Incremental costs incurred by either party in implementing this Annex will be recovered from the other party in accordance with Treasury Board Guidelines.

H. Signing Authorities

M. Turner
Canadian Coast Guard
Fisheries & Oceans
R. Jackson
Assistant Deputy Minister,
Safety & Security
Transport Canada

April 1996

April 1996

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