PCOC Courses & Testing 

List of Certificates of Competency, Training Certificates and other Equivalencies as Proof of Competency when Operating a Pleasure Craft

Several organizations have developed programs to teach newcomers to boating the basic skills and knowledge needed for safe and enjoyable activity on the water. They also offer advanced courses that provide more experienced boaters with updated information. Whether your interests lie in paddling your own canoe or cruising across the ocean, there is a safe boating course out there that will teach you new skills and enhance your ability to manage risk.

The requirement to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card ( PCOC ) was introduced to improve the competency and safety of Canadians who venture out in boats for recreational activity. The organizations and companies listed here provide courses and/or testing for the PCOC in numerous communities. Please contact them directly for more information. The Office of Boating Safety does not provide courses or tests to the general public, but rather is responsible for overseeing the PCOC testing program.