Prohibition on Propeller-Driven Surfboard-Type Vessels

What you need to know

Small Vessel Regulations

S. 1006 No person shall

(b) Operate a propeller-driven surfboard-type vessel.

The Small Vessel Regulations currently prohibit the operation of any propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels. This prohibition extends to any surfboard-type vessel that is equipped with a propeller, regardless if the propeller has a guard or not.

Why are these devices prohibited?

Propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels were prohibited in Canada on April 1, 1999 as part of amendments to the Small Vessel Regulations. At the time of the prohibition these vessels were mostly homemade and did not have regulatory requirements that were tailored to their construction or operation. This posed a potential risk to operators of these vessels and to other marine users in Canada.

Where are we now?

Recently, propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels have seen a rise in popularity internationally. Due to advancements in technology, the industry has developed safer and more efficient types of these vessels.

Over the past couple of years, Canadians and industry have been very vocal in their support for Transport Canada to revisit the prohibition on propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels. As a result, Transport Canada has begun to explore options to remove or modify the current prohibition on these vessels. Any potential change to this prohibition could include certain restrictions or requirements for safety features that would ensure a certain level of safety is maintained with the operation of these vessels. Until a formal amendment is made to the Small Vessel Regulations, the prohibition on these devices remains in effect.

What's next?

Transport Canada is continuing consultations with industry and Canadians on the safe operation of propeller-driven surfboard-type vessels. Transport Canada is also continuing to explore options to establish safety conditions and restrictions for these vessels to replace the current prohibition. Once an approach is finalized, a regulatory amendment project may be implemented to address the current prohibition. Further consultation opportunities will be communicated to interested stakeholders via the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC) Secretariat. If you're interested in being notified, please contact the Secretariat to be added to their email distribution list (Email: ).

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