Bulletin No.: 01/1999

Date (Y-M-D): 1999-01-12

Subject: Sport Fishing

During a recent sport fishing activity, from a mother ship, two lives were lost and attributed to drowning. The boat from which the deceased were fishing was found the following day overturned on the beach. The following Bulletin is issued to remind owners and operators of sport fishing operations, both floating and shore based, of the importance of ensuring small craft safety practices are carried out for all relevant boating activities.

It is recommended that standard procedures are followed to:

  1. Ensure that all craft, rented, loaned or chartered comply with the requirements of the Small Vessel Regulations made pursuant to the Canada Shipping Act.
  2. Proficiency requirements of the Canada Shipping Act and are familiar with radio and distress procedures.
  3. Ensure clients are either aware of inherent dangers presented by local sub-surface geography, weather and sea conditions, or only participate under the close supervision of experienced persons or fishing masters.
  4. Ensure regular radio contact and/or physical checks are made with clients at frequent intervals.
  5. Implement a buddy system, where possible, between clients while fishing.

For more information concerning the above, please contact the Office of Boating Safety, Boating Safety Hotline at 1-800-267-6687.

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