Bulletin No.: 02/1997

Date (Y-M-D): 1997-03-07

Subject: Replacement Batteries for Alden Satfind-406TM Epirbs Model M1, M2 (Canadian); M3, M4 (USA.)

Due to a recent electrical fire the supplier of the only approved D-cell Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery cells for the SATFIND-406TM EPIRB Models M1, M2, M3 and M4 is temporarily unable to provide battery packs.

Alden- Marine, a division of Northern Airborne Technology, Inc, advises that the US Coast Guard is allowing the owners of USA approved SATFIND-406TM Models M3 and M4 with a limited extension of time for those devices whose batteries would have needed replacement prior to June 1997. This extension is being granted provided:

1. The EPIRBs pass the self test; and

2. A written confirmation duly dated is on board stating that an order for a replacement battery pack has been placed with a dealer.

The Canadian Coast Guard is implementing the same policy for the Canadian type-approved SATFIND 406TM models M1 and M2.

If the EPIRB does not pass the self test it must be returned to Alden Electronics for repair or be replaced with a unit that complies with government regulations.

Additionally Northern Airborne Technology Inc. is reinstating its trade-in program to encourage the purchase of a new generation EPIRB . In purchasing a new unit owners will benefit from updated technology and compliance with the latest IMO recommendations. Contact your Alden-Marine supplier or Northern Airborne Technology, Inc at 28 Lord Road Suite #130 Marlborough, Massachusetts, 01752, USA. Tel: 800-225-4767 or 508-303-6762 Fax: 508-303-6763.

Any queries may be addressed to Mr. G. Mitchell, at the number below.

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