Bulletin No.: 04/1991

Date (Y-M-D): 1991-03-15

Subject: Pressure Vessels and Hydrostatic Testing

Resulting from a recent incident, it is necessary to draw the attention of Ship Operators and others to the importance of upholding compliance with all pressure vessel regulations.

The incident involved a small air receiver (915 mm x Ø 355 mm) that failed its first periodic hydrostatic test. A small crack was found, caused by an undercut weld, at the mounting foot of the receiver. Being painted over, the fault manifested itself only at the time of the hydrostatic test.

Your attention is drawn to the requirement that unfired pressure vessels that cannot be adequately inspected internally, require a hydrostatic pressure test of 1.25 times the assigned working pressure. Also, please note that the Marine Machinery Regulations now specify that inspection intervals are not to exceed 5 years.

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