Bulletin No.: 06/1984

Date (Y-M-D): 1984-04-24

Subject: Use of portable venturi-type blower or exhaust units in non gas-free atmospheres

  1. The following warning is for the immediate attention of all owners and operators.
  2. A preliminary investigation has been held by USCG covering the explosion and subsequent sinking of the S.S. American Eagle in the Gulf of Mexico on 26th February 1984.
  3. Due to the possible generation of electrostatic charges, extreme caution should be exercised in using portable venturi-type blower or exhaust units in the blower mode. Particularly when using steam to ventilate tanks that have not been gas-freed.
  4. The use of a plastic sleeve attached to the subject unit may further aggravate the possibility of static charge release.
  5. The hazards of introducing steam into a non gas-free atmosphere are well known and described in the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals. ( ISGOTT )

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