Bulletin No.: 06/1992

Date (Y-M-D): 1992-07-17

Subject: Immersion Suit Buddy Line

1. The National standard, CAN/CGSB 65.16-M89, requires immersion suits manufactured after 1987 and used on Canadian ships to be equipped with buddy lines.

2. Immersion suits manufactured between 1987 and 1991 under approval numbers 039-070-027 and 039-070-028 by FitzWright Company, may have been supplied to the Canadian market without a buddy line. This does not affect the primary performance nor the integrity of the suits.

3. Shipowners and mariners are advised to inspect their FitzWright immersion suits to determine if a "buddy line" has been fitted. For those not fitted, FitzWright offers a retrofit buddy line at a nominal cost and advises that they be contacted promptly in order to buy one as initial stock is limited.

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4. Retrofitting instructions will be supplied with the buddy line.

5. FitzWright suits equipped with the optional lifting harness arrangement which doubles as a buddy line need not be fitted with both.

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