Bulletin No.: 07/1989

Date (Y-M-D): 1989-08-21

Subject: Fires on Board Fishing Vessels caused by Exhaust Pipes

  1. There have been a number of serious fires on fishing vessels, the cause of which can be directly attributed to badly installed, poorly or completely uninsulated, or inadequately maintained exhaust piping.
  2. In some instances the fire has led to the loss of the boat.
  3. The purpose of this bulletin is to remind mariners of the dangers associated with badly designed or poorly insulated exhausts, and to emphasize the importance of routine maintenance and inspection.
  4. Exhaust pipes from engines, boilers, heating units, etc., should be kept well clear of combustible material and well insulated. Support brackets should also be properly insulated and designed to allow the heat to dissipate before coming into contact with combustible materials.
  5. The insulation should be metal sheathed if there is any possibility of it being subjected to oil leaks from any source.
  6. Insulation should be checked frequently and this item included in routine maintenance.
  7. A thorough inspection should be carried out after any repairs have been made to ensure that insulation has been correctly replaced or renewed as necessary.

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