Bulletin No.: 08/2000

Date (Y-M-D): 2000-06-22

Subject: Fire Precaution with Respect to Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Oil Piping and Fittings

The purpose of this bulletin is to remind mariners of the dangers associated with the use of fuel, lubricating or hydraulic oil and warn of a potentially dangerous situation.

A recent engine room fire was caused when a fuel filter cover was modified from its original configuration thereby compromising its fuel-tight integrity. A poor sealing surface between the filter cover and head of the central retaining bolt, augmented by the use of a used copper sealing gasket, resulted in fuel oil leaking from the filter and coming in contact with an unlagged and unshielded hot surface.

A previous Ship Safety Bulletin was issued in July 1985 (Bulletin No. 13/85) reminding mariners of similar potentially dangerous situations concerning fuel oil. In light of this recent occurrence we can only re-state and reinforce our comments made in that Bulletin.

It is strongly recommended that urgent attention be given to:

  1. Inspection of fuel, lubricating and hydraulic oil piping installations with special attention being given to the integrity and wall thickness of fittings and vulnerability to damage.
  2. The possibility of fitting shields at connections, to contain or deflect oil spray in the case of breakage and drainage of any leakage to a drip tray.
  3. The fitting of sheathing around lagging if there is a possibility of it being subjected to oil leaks from any source.
  4. The frequent checking of the condition of lagging, oil pipework and fittings.
  5. Any maintenance or replacement of fuel and lubrication oil pipework or components, is to be accomplished with due regard to the potential hazards involved and using replacement parts which comply with the specifications for the systems or the components.

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