Bulletin No.: 13/2007

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RDIMS No.: 3642844
Date (Y-M-D): 2007-12-07


Subject: Security Clearance Enrolment Process for Seafarers


This bulletin provides information with respect to the enrolment process for seafarers requesting a security clearance.


Transport Canada Marine Safety ( TCMS ) will be sponsoring and enrolling seafarers voluntarily applying for a security clearance.


Part 5, Section 503 of the Marine Transportation Security Regulation identifies the requirement to be a holder of a security clearance when accessing restricted areas (R2) of designated ports.

The Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program is being implemented using a phased approach:

  • Phase I on December 15, 2007 with the ports of Vancouver, North Fraser, Fraser River, Montreal, Seaway (St. Lambert and Welland) and Halifax
  • Phase II on December 15, 2008 with the ports of St. John’s, Saint John, Quebec, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Prince Rupert and Victoria.

TC Policy

TCMS offices located in Vancouver ( BC ), St. Catharines ( ON ), Montreal ( QC ), Dartmouth ( NS ) and St. John’s ( NL ) will be processing seafarer applications for a ‘Transportation Security Clearance’.  TCMS will sponsor seafarers, and on behalf of the Minister, will enrol seafarers voluntarily applying for a security clearance.

Seafarers applying for a security clearance will simultaneously apply for an updated Seafarers’ Identity Document ( SID ).

The security clearance and the SID will be issued with a synchronized expiry date of five years based on the date of granting of the security clearance.

Application for Transportation Security Clearance

  1. Seafarers are encouraged to apply for a security clearance at one of the enrolment sites named below.
  2. The application form is available at the following Transport Canada website:   http://www.tc.gc.ca/tsc.  This is a user-friendly application process that ensures that the applicant provides all required information before the completed application can be printed.  NOTE:  It is recommended to use this application process.
  3. The application form in hard copy is also available at all TCMS offices.
  4. An appointment should be scheduled with the enrolment site.
  5. The completed application form and supporting documentation must be taken to one of the enrolment sites for sign-off by sponsor and applicant enrolment.

Supporting Documentation Required for Enrolment

  • federal or provincial government issued photo identification document
  • passport (current or invalid, if indicated as “yes” on the application);
  • persons born in Canada – a Canadian Birth Certificate;
  • persons born outside of Canada – a Certificate of Citizenship, a Certificate of Naturalization or a Permanent Resident Card

Enrolment Sites

TCMS offices:

800 Burrard Street, Suite 400
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2J8
Tel :  604-666-0834
Fax :  604-666-9177

Landmark Building
43 Church Street, 7th Floor
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 7E1
Tel:  905-688-4360
Fax:  905-688-6285

800 René-Lévesque Blvd Ouest, Suite 620
Montreal, QC
H3B 1X9
Tel :  514-283-7056
Fax :  514-283-6595

45 Alderney Street
Queen Square, 14th floor
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 4K2
Tel:  902-426-9321
Fax:  902-426-6657

10 Barter’s Hill, 9th Floor
Cabot Building, 2nd Tower, PO Box 1300
St. John’s, NL
A1C 6H8
Tel:  709-772-5166
Fax:  709-772-0210

Seafarer Identity Document ( SID )

A SID issued in conformity with the “International Labour Convention No. 108 (C-108), Convention on Seafarers’ Identity Documents ( SID )”, will include a uniquely identifiable control number distinguishing a security clearance, where applicable.

The SID will be issued once the security clearance has been granted.

Additional Documentation Required to Issue an Updated SID

  • two (2) passport photos (maximum size of 11/4” w x 11/2” h) bearing the applicant’s signature
  • proof of authenticated employment if the applicant has not been issued with a Canadian Maritime Document (ie. Certificate of Competency, Discharge Book, or SID ).

NOTE:  Proof of employment will be a letter, on company letterhead, signed by the authorized representative of the vessel, a seafarer recruitment and placement service or a seafarer’s union stating that an offer of employment has been made.


Security Clearance – There will be no fee associated with the “Application for Transportation Security Clearance”.

SID – $20 fee for the issuance of a SID , as established under the “Tariff of Fees for Shipping Masters” applies.



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Security Clearance Enrolment Process for Seafarers (40 KB) 

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