Bulletin No.: 19/1998

Date (Y-M-D): 1998-12-11

Subject: Potential Fire Risk - Laundry Ventilation Systems

An accident investigation by the U.S. National Transportation Board into a fire onboard a cruise vessel found that a major contributor to the fire was lint which had collected in the laundry ventilation system. Within the last two years there have been two other fires on ships caused by similar circumstances.

The purpose of this bulletin is to alert vessel owners and operators to the potential fire risk that can result from the accumulation of combustible material such as lint within the laundry ventilation system.

Vessel owners and operators should immediately inspect the laundry ventilation system, including ducts, plenums and exhaust outlets for any combustible material, such as lint, and clean the systems as necessary. Vessel owners and operators should also institute a program on a continuing basis that would ensure that the laundry ventilation systems, including ducts, plenums and exhaust outlets are kept clean and clear of any combustible material such as lint which could create a potential fire hazard.

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