Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance and Maritime Labour Certificate - SSB No.: 07/2013

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RDIMS No .: 7773696
Date ( Y-M-D ): 2013-11-21

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This Ship Safety Bulletin provides guidance, to authorized representatives of Canadian vessels, on Transport Canada’s process for issuing a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC), a Maritime Labour Certificate or an Interim Maritime Labour Certificate.


The 94th (Maritime) Session of the International Labour Conference (Geneva, February 2006) adopted the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006). This new international agreement consolidates almost all of the 70 existing International Labour Office (ILO) maritime labour instruments into a single modern, globally applicable, legal instrument.  The MLC, 2006 came into force on August 20, 2013.

The MLC, 2006 establishes the working conditions and requirements on board vessels including: conditions of employment, hours of work and rest, accommodations, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare, and social security protection.  It combines rights and principles with specific standards and detailed guidance for applying these standards at the national level. These requirements align with Part 3 of the Marine Personnel Regulations, entitled “Maritime Labour Standards” and the Marine Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

The MLC, 2006 requires that ships greater than 500 gross tonnage, on an international voyage other than an inland voyage (as described in the Marine Personnel Regulations), carry a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance certifying that they maintain working and living conditions onboard in compliance with the MLC, 2006.

Application for Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance and a Maritime Labour Certificate

The Authorized Representative (AR) of a Canadian vessel must:

  • fill in an “Application for a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Document” (TC Form #82-0717); and
  • complete the “Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II” (TC Form #82-0691).

While filling in the DMLC Part II, the AR must identify how the vessel meets each MLC, 2006 requirement.

A current valid maritime labour certificate and declaration of maritime labour compliance (TC Form #82-0691), accompanied by an English-language translation where it is not in English, shall be carried on the ship and a copy shall be posted in a conspicuous place on board where it is available to the seafarers.

Once complete, the AR must send the application package together with the supporting documents, to the nearest Marine Safety and Security Regional Office.

         List of Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security Regional Email Addresses
Region Email Addresses

Onboard Vessel Inspection

The Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Document is a unique two-part form.

  • Part I references current Canadian laws and regulations against the relevant mandatory areas of compliance in the MLC, 2006. Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security (TCMSS) prepares Part I.
  • The AR prepares Part II, outlining the measures he or she has in place to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing compliance to the MLC, 2006.

Transport Canada will issue a Maritime Labour Certificate to vessels that demonstrate compliance with the DMLC.

The Maritime Labour Certificate is valid for 5 years and subject to an intermediate inspection between years two and three. Transport Canada will make the appropriate endorsements to the certificate. We recommend that vessel owners harmonize the expiration dates of the first DMLC with the current certificate of inspection expiration and/or class certificates.

Transport Canada may issue a one time Interim Maritime Labour Certificate to the AR of a Canadian vessel for a period no longer than 6 months to new vessels on delivery or when:

  • a vessel changes flag; or
  • an AR assumes responsibility for operating a vessel that is new to him or her.

In addition to the 14 DMLC items, vessels must put measures in place to address specific MLC, 2006 requirements such as Entitlement to leave, Access to shore-based welfare facilities and Repatriation.


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