Guidelines for Over-Wintering of vessels carrying oil or NLS in waters under Canadian Jurisdiction - TP 15295 - SSB No.: 02/2018

RDIMS No .: 13429378
Date (Y-M-D) : 2018-03-01

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This bulletin aims to make the marine community aware of the new Guidelines for the over-wintering of vessels carrying oil or NLS under Canadian Jurisdiction (TP 15295E). You may request a PDF copy of the Guidelines TP 15295E by emailing:


These Guidelines apply to vessels carrying oil or NLS that are frozen into land-fast ice in any Canadian waters, throughout the winter (over-wintering). The aim of these Guidelines is to avoid damage to vessels, to protect the environment, and to make it easier to reactivate vessels after lay-up.

What you need to know

Transport Canada created the Guidelines TP 15295E to:

  • Explain all legislative and regulatory requirements that apply to the vessel, including those of the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act and the Marine Liability Act.
  • Outline many of the hazards and risks that over-wintering vessels may face and how to plan to overcome them.
  • Provide operators and crews engaged in the over-wintering of vessels in land-fast ice with practical reminders of good practices and procedures.


1. TP 15295E
2. Arctic
3. Overwintering

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