Enroll in the SVCP: What you need before you start

From Transport Canada

The Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP) is an optional program that provides an easy-to-use tool to help meet all legal requirements to operate small non-pleasure vessels.

Vessels that can be enrolled

The program is for:

The program doesn’t apply to:

  • pleasure craft
  • tugs
  • human-powered crafts such as canoes and kayaks
  • small special-purpose vessels

You must register your vessel with Transport Canada, before you can receive your enrollment decal, unless your vessel is exempt. 

If you have multiple vessels, you must enroll each one separately.

Supporting documents and photos

  • Stability information documentation, if applicable
  • Copy of certificates of training and competency
  • Copy of registration documents
  • 4 photographs of the vessel – bow, side, stern and top
  • Photograph or copy of your compliance notice, if applicable