Registering in the Canadian Register of Vessels: Re-register

Fee: $250

Once a vessel has been registered in the Canadian Register of Vessels, it always keeps its official number. This is the case even after its registry is closed. Be sure to enter the official number in the documents you submit.

For example, a vessel registered in the Canadian Register of Vessels could be sold to a foreign owner. In this case, its Canadian registry is closed and the vessel is registered in the new owner’s country. If that vessel returns to Canada under Canadian ownership and operation, it can be re-registered in the Canadian Register of Vessels.

Once a vessel’s registry is closed, the vessel name becomes available for others to claim. When you re-register a vessel, you may have to choose a different name.

Read registry form help for more details about how to fill out the forms.

  1. To re-register a vessel, complete and send in:
  2. Submit and pay

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