Oceans Protection Plan

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Transcript: “Oceans Protection Plan”

Video length: 1:08 minutes

Background music.

Sea-ice floating.

Ocean waves viewed from the sky.

Green coast viewed from the sky.

A long reddish coast with the text: Canada has the longest coastline in the world.

Someone walking on a rocky coast with the text: Canadian waters and coasts need our protection.

A large shipping vessel with the text: Safe and clean marine shipping is vital to our economic growth.

A black screen with the text: Our national Oceans Protection Plan will…

Upbeat music.

A northern coastal village with text: Build partnerships with Indigenous and coastal communities.

A coastal village with green mountains in the background.

A large cargo vessel with red and blue containers with text: Support economic opportunities for Canadians.

Sunset on the water with sailing boats.

A Coast Guard vessel with a sunset on the arisen with text: Improve marine safety.

A pilot watching a tanker on the water from the cockpit of a surveillance plane.

Small fishes with text: Protect the marine environment.

A polar bear on a rocky coast.

Sunset on the water with text:
Oceans Protection Plan

Canada word mark on a black screen.

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