Abandoned Boats Program

As the main objective of the Assessment and Removal Component of the Abandoned Boats Program is assisting with the removal and permanent disposal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats, the sixth call for proposal planned for 2021-2022 will be targeting boats for which a completed assessment was funded under the program. As such, we will not accept any uninvited applications this year.

The Abandoned Boats Program (ABP) provides grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters. The program also helps to:

  • educate small boat owners about how to responsibly manage their boats
  • support research on boat recycling and environmentally responsible boat design

The ABP has two key components.

  • The assessment and removals (A&R) component funds boat removal assessments, and the permanent removal and disposal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats.
  • The education, awareness and research (EA&R) component funds:
    • public education projects aimed at raising awareness about boat owner responsibility, including proper end-of-life management practices
    • research on environmentally responsible boat design and recycling of end-of-life boats.

If you have any questions about this program, contact us by email or mail.

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