Assessment criteria

Applying to the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program Call for Proposals - 2021 to 2022

We will review all project applications to decide if they meet the eligibility requirements of the ERSTPP. A cross-disciplinary review committee will evaluate their overall strengths and individual merits. The assessments will be based on the overall assessment criteria listed in Tables 1 and 2. We will also evaluate the eligible projects to determine the degree that the proposed project aligns with the program objectives of the ERSTPP.

Table 1: Overall proposal assessment criteria

Selection criteria

Assessment and evaluation

Your relevant experience and capacity to complete the project and/or carry out the activities explained in the proposal.

  • Assessment of your relevant experience and capacity in terms of resources, personnel, and expertise to complete the project. We will consider your:
    • Mandate and/or experience and expertise;
    • Demonstrated commitment based on former projects; and
    • Need for institutional, management/organizational structure, financial, and other support to successfully deliver the project.
  • Strong proposals will show:
    • A track record of successful project delivery,
    • A clear link between your mandate and the proposed project, and
    • That your resource planning is consistent with past projects of similar scope and cost.

The quality and completeness of the proposal.

  • Assessment based on your:
    • Planned activities,
    • Budget,
    • Schedule/timelines,
    • Financial plan (including evidence of secured funding),
    • Risk management plan,
    • Targeted results and project monitoring strategies.
  • The assessment will also consider whether the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and realistic. We will assess the proposed project for:
    • Clearly stated goals, objectives, and outcomes;
    • A realizable project plan, concrete deliverables, budget, and timelines;
    • A detailed risk analysis and mitigation strategy; and
    • An experienced and qualified project delivery team with roles and responsibilities that are clearly established.
  • Strong proposals will show sufficient forethought and planning to deliver on-time and on-budget.

The performance measurement strategy.

  • Assessment of the proposal's demonstration of how the project will generate results that can be reported to Canadians. We will assess project proposals on your:
    • Performance measurement strategy,
    • The results the project would achieve, and
    • How they would align with the ERSTPP's objectives.

A sample table can be found here.

The value for money.

  • Assessment of how much the project represents an appropriate use of public funds to achieve the broader objectives of the program, and how well the proposal sets out efficient use of resources and plans for producing affordable outputs.
  • Strong proposals will demonstrate how funds are used efficiently and effectively to achieve an outcome, product, or goal, which is in line with the objectives of the ERSTPP.
Table 2: ERSTPP objectives assessment criteria

Selection criteria

Assessment and evaluation

The relevance of the anticipated project outcome(s) to one or more objectives of the ERSTPP.

Assessment of this criteria is based on the project proposal's stated benefits of the completed project, anticipated outcome, and impact of the project.

Strong proposals will show a clear alignment between the expected outcome(s) of the project, and one or more of the ERSTPP's core objectives and criteria.

We will evaluate and assess the proposal on the degree that the project will contribute to the decrease in fatalities, injuries, collisions, and social costs related to motor vehicle collisions.

We will also assess each proposal and its anticipated outcome(s) against one or more of the desired outcomes listed below:

  • Support education and training;
  • Support your capacity to collect uniform, complete, timely road safety related information and data;
  • Support research activities to develop public policy, revise non-federal safety regulations, etc. for the improvement of current technology to promote a safer road transportation system;
  • Support the use of technology and innovation;
  • Support outreach activities, communication, cooperation, and collaboration between all road safety stakeholders;
  • Monitor associated progress to meet the strategic objectives of the Road Safety Strategy 2025;
  • Show potential to increase jurisdictional alignment to TC supported best practices that improve road safety;
  • Enhance shared knowledge of emerging road safety technologies; and
  • Support the implementation of best practices and model policies/regulations/programs in a nationally consistent manner.

We have designed the assessment process to make sure that eligible projects represent the best value to the ERSTPP's objectives and expected results. Please check the Project Proposal Template for more guidance in preparing a project proposal for funding to the ERSTPP.

Assessment results

After the evaluation process, the review committee will make formal recommendations to the Minister of Transport for further approvals and final funding decisions. We will notify both successful and unsuccessful applicants of the outcome, once a decision has been made. We reserve the right to accept or reject any project proposal.

ERSTPP service standards

To improve service and conduct a transparent process, the ERSTPP has set the following service standards:

  • Our goal is to give you written acknowledgement that we've received your application within 10 business days of the application deadline date