Submitting your application package

Applying to the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program Call for Proposals - 2021 to 2022

1. What you need to know

You can submit your proposal in English or French.

All applications and project proposals must be complete, accurate, comprehensive, signed, and presented using the templates provided. All applicants other than individuals must provide legal documentation confirming their organization is a legal entity (e.g., using letters patent, certificates of incorporation, or other legal documents). If the information in your application is incomplete, we will likely reject your proposal.

To maintain the transparency and fairness of the selection process, no extensions will be granted.

2. Submitting your project proposal

  1. Follow the project proposal format outlined in the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program project proposal template.
  2. Submit your proposal by email:
    • an electronic application package must be in MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF format and ensure the file size of your submission doesn’t exceed 10 Mb.


    Mailing address:

    ATTN: Director, Transportation and Infrastructure Programs (AHSE)
    C/o Program Officer
    Transport Canada
    Place de Ville, Tower C, 19th Floor
    330 Sparks St
    Ottawa ON K1A 0N5

3. What happens next

We will confirm receipt of all proposals  within ten (10) business days of the application deadline.

4. Contact us