School Bus Collision Summary, Canada 1989-1997: Current Study

In this study, the criteria for a case to be included are:

  • The case was investigated by one of the Multi-Disciplinary Collision Investigation teams.
  • A child was involved.
  • The incident occurred after January 1, 1989. (This ensured that the case had not been included in a previous summary.)
  • A school bus built after December 31, 1982 was involved. These were "post-1980 standard" buses or buses built after the school bus standards became effective.

Every attempt is made by the university teams to investigate serious school bus incidents. All incidents of which the teams receive notification and in which a fatality to a student occurred through involvement with a post-1980 standard school bus, from 1989 to 1997, are included. Incidents involving injury or potential injury are included only if they came to the attention of one of the teams and the sample is not expected to be complete.

In the majority of school bus collisions there are no injuries to the occupants of the bus [4] and it is unlikely that they would be investigated. This sample is thus biased toward those incidents which produce serious injury. If the bus is not operating on a regular school route but is carrying children on an activity, it may or may not be relevant to the safety standards and the incident may or may not be included.



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