School Bus Collision Summary, Canada 1989-1997: Discussion of results

From Table 1, it is evident that cases involving pedestrians are the most prevalent in this breakdown. The types of vehicle to vehicle collisions are fairly evenly divided. Front and rear impacts are twice as common as impacts from either side, and rollover collisions are surprisingly frequent. Fires and ejections are rare.

From Table 2, it can be seen that the majority of occupants (378 of 548) are not injured, even in this sample. Furthermore, 135 occupants in 26 crashes sustained only minor cuts and bruises while 5 received a fatal injury. Considering that many collisions occur which do not involve an occupant injury, and are thus not in this sample, occupant protection is apparently very effective in the majority of school bus crashes.

From Table 3, it is evident that the most serious problem is that of pedestrians being run over by their own school bus. Eleven of the twelve pedestrian fatalities, and several injuries to 18 children who were standing or walking, were from this cause. In 3 of 7 injury cases, the injuries resulted from the child being dragged or rolled on the pavement under the bus which struck them. This serious situation could easily have resulted in fatal injuries.



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