Transportation of dangerous goods en Technical standards referenced in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations This web page includes a list of the technical standards you work with included in the regulations, the date on which the standards were last updated and any links to websites where the standards are available. ASDB Transportation of dangerous goods publications Transportation of dangerous goods publications index AEAD Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes RDIMS Transportation of dangerous goods newsletter TDG Newsletter AEAD Client Identification Database (CID) Register for the Client Information Database ASDB Safety advisories Safety advisories relating to the transportation of dangerous goods, informing the public to ensure the safety and security of Canadians. AEAD FAQ on UN cylinders and UN tubes ASDD Enforcement actions summaries Transportation of dangerous goods (tdg), enforcement actions summaries, ASDB Emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs) Applying for approval of an Emergency Response Assistance Plan ASDB FAQ on UN Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)