World-Class Tanker Safety - Behind The Scenes



Canada has one of the safest marine tanker systems in the world. New measures will ensure it stays that way. What makes our system safe? Let’s take a look... behind the scenes.

80 million tonnes of oil move along Canada’s shores each year.

Aboard every ship and at ports, people and systems work to help keep our communities, marine environments and wildlife safe.

The elements of a world-class tanker safety system are prevention...

...Preparedness and response...

Modern liability and compensation regime.

To improve tanker safety as marine traffic grows, Canada is adding more ship inspectors...

...increasing aerial surveillance...


The Canadian Coast Guard is adopting an internationally recognized system to  coordinate emergency operations with other partners.

In the case of a spill, our modern liability and compensation regime  makes sure polluters pay.

Ongoing research will help us understand new kinds of spills and how to minimize risks and damages...

... while modern navigation systems give vessels real-time information about local conditions.

To further strengthen our spill preparedness and response capability, the Government of Canada is acting on advice from a tanker safety expert panel.

These are the ways we are keeping our waters safe.

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