5. Documents connexes à lire

a.   Publications de Transports Canada

  1. TP 13850 Processus d'élaboration d'instructions de maintenance périodique
  2. DPM-53, Instructions supplémentaires pour le maintien de la navigabilité
  3. DPM-42, Instructions de révision au calendrier de maintenance en ce qui concerne l'isolant thermique et acoustique


b.   Publications de la Federal Aviation Administration des É.-U.


  1. AC 25-16 Electrical Fault and Fire Protection and Prevention
  2. AC 25.981-1B Fuel Tank Ignition Source Prevention Guidelines
  3. AC 43-12A Preventive Maintenance
  4. AC 43.13-1B Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices for Repairs and Alterations to Aircraft
  5. AC 43-204 Visual Inspection For Aircraft
  6. AC 43-206 Avionics Cleaning and Corrosion Prevention/Control
  7. AC 65-15A Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics Airframe Handbook, Chapter 11, Aircraft Electrical Systems
  8. AC 120-XX Program to Enhance Aircraft Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Maintenance
  9. AC 120-YY Aircraft Wiring Systems Training Program
  10. AC 121-22 Maintenance Review Board (MRB) Procedures

c.   Publications AESA/JAA

  1. Matériel d’administration et d’orientation/procédure de maintenance des JAA, chapitre 16

d.   Rapports

  1. Transport Aircraft Intrusive Inspection Project, (An Analysis Of The Wire Installations Of Six Decommissioned Aircraft), Final Report, The Intrusive Inspection Working Group, December 29, 2000.
  2. FAA Aging Transport Non-Structural Systems Plan, July 1998.
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  3. National Transportation Safety Board, Safety Recommendation, September 19, 2000, A-00-105 through -108.
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  4. Wire System Safety Interagency Working Group, National Science and Technology Council,
    Review of Federal Programs for Wire System Safety 46 (2000).
  5. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Aging Systems, Final Report. Task 1, Sampling Inspection of the Fleet & 2, Review of Fleet Service History
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  6. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 3, Review  of  Fleet Service History,  Final Report.
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  7. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 4, Final Report, Standard Wiring Practices.
  8. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 5, Final Report, Aircraft Wiring Systems Training Curriculum and Lesson Plans.
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  9. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 6, Final Report, Wire Systems Certification Requirements Harmonization Working Group
  10. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 7, Final Report, Electrical Standard Wire Practices Manual (ESWPM)
  11. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 8, Final Report, Enhanced Training Program for Wiring Systems.
  12. Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee, Task 9, Final Report, Enhanced Maintenance Criteria for Systems

e.   Autres documents.

  1. Operator/Manufacturer Scheduled Maintenance Development, Revision 2001, ATA Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3). Peut être obtenu auprès d’Air Transport Association of America; Suite 1100, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20004-1707.

  2. ATA Specification 117 (Wiring Maintenance Practices/Guidelines).
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  3. Inspector’s Handbook Bulletin 8300.10 de la FAA intitulé « Origin and Propagation of Inaccessible Aircraft Fire under In-flight Airflow Conditions ».