Department of Environment

The Department of Environment takes a leading role in: regulating and enforcing safe standards for air, water and soil; managing human impacts on fish and wildlife; providing quality outdoor recreation opportunities in territorial parks and campgrounds; and addressing the challenge of global climate change.

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The Animal Health Unit: delivers animal health and animal protection programs; responds to threats to the health of wildlife and domestic animals; monitors health of wildlife and livestock through surveillance projects; provides animal health laboratory services; and makes policy and management recommendations to protect animal health and support public health.

Phone number: 867-667-5600
Fax number: 867-393-6263

Client Services provides front line service to the public.

Phone number: 1-867-667-5652
Fax number: 1-867-393-7197

The Climate Change Secretariat: coordinates the Government of Yukon’s response to climate change; forms climate change partnerships with Canada, First Nations, Yukon College and other organizations; coordinates climate change activities and participation; and develops climate change policies and strategies.

Phone number: 867-456-5544
Fax number: 867-456-5543

Conservation Officer Services: performs monitoring and enforcement; provides hunter, trapper and environmental education; provides resource management support; ensures public safety relating to wildlife; and manages trapline administration.

Phone number: 867-667-8005
Fax number: 867-393-6206

Environmental Protection and Assessment: performs analysis of environmental impacts; provides contaminated sites monitoring; administers permits for regulated activities and substances; provides public education and awareness; and remediates Government of Yukon owned contaminated sites.

Phone number: 867-667-5683
Fax number: 867-393-6213

Fish and Wildlife: perform fish and wildlife research and monitoring; coordinates harvest management; ensures habitat and wildlife management and protection; performs co-operative management; manages environmental youth camps and projects; and provides wildlife viewing programs.

Phone number: 867-667-5715
Fax number: 867-393-6263

The Water Resources branch: performs water-related strategic planning, policy development and implementation; performs regional water quality and quantity monitoring and research; provides expert technical advice regionally and nationally; and ensures enforcement and compliance of the Waters Act and water licences.

Phone number: 867-667-3171
Fax number: 867-667-3195

Yukon Parks: plans and operates territorial campgrounds, parks, recreation sites, and Canadian Heritage Rivers; prepares and implements park management plans; administers the Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act; and provides communications and interpretive programs related to parks, recreation and Leave No Trace.

Phone number: 867-667-5648
Fax number: 867-393-6223