Airports Capital Assistance Program

Name of transfer payment program

Airports Capital Assistance Program

Start date

April 1, 2010

End date


Fiscal year for terms and conditions


Strategic Outcome

An efficient transportation system

Link to department's Program Alignment Architecture

Program 1.3: Transportation Infrastructure

Sub-program 1.3.1: Airport Infrastructure

Sub-sub-program  Small Aerodrome Support  


The Airports Capital Assistance Program assists eligible applicants in financing safety-related capital projects to ensure the continued safety of the Canadian travelling public.

Expected results

Eligible airports meet the safety standards required for continued operation.

Fiscal year of last completed evaluation


Decision following the results of last evaluation


Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation


General targeted recipient groups

Airports that meet the program's eligibility criteria (i.e., they are not owned or operated by the federal government; they meet certification requirements; they have at least 1,000 regularly scheduled commercial passengers per year).

Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients

Information about the program is posted on the departmental website. An information brochure for applicants is sent to all eligible airports.

  Forecast Spending
2014–15 ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Planned Spending ($)
Total grants 0 0 0 0
Total contributions 35,125,500 38,000,000 38,000,000 38,000,000
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0
Total transfer payments 35,125,500 38,000,000 38,000,000 38,000,000