Transport Canada

We are a federal institution, leading the Transport Canada portfolio and working with our partners.

Transport Canada is responsible for transportation policies and programs. We promote safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation.

Services and information

Drone safety

Flying your drone safely and legally, drone registration, drone pilot certification, where and where not to fly, report a drone incident.

Licensing for pilots and personnel

Applying for licences, permits and ratings, flight school training, aviation document booklet, language proficiency.


Vessel licensing and registration

Pleasure craft licence, commercial vessel registration, coasting trade licence.

Child car seat safety

Choosing and installing a child car seat or booster seat, recall notices, safety and testing information.


Defects and recalls of vehicles, tires and child car seats

Safety recalls database, child car seat or vehicle recall status, safety advisories, safety defect reporting, investigation results.

Dangerous goods regulations

Full text of regulations on transportation of dangerous goods in Canada.


Apply for a transportation security clearance

Apply to access restricted airport areas and ports.

Buying a boat

Buying a pleasure craft, apply for or manage a Pleasure Craft Licence, education courses for recreational boaters, how to be a responsible boat owner, manufacturers and importers of small vessels.


Operating a federal railway

Railway Operating Certificates, noise and vibration requirements, work/rest and medical rules, accounting, rates.

Grade crossings

Regulations and requirements for public and private crossings, filing a railway crossing agreement, sightlines, blocked crossings, train whistling.


Transport Canada serving Canadians

Highlights of our services, programs and initiatives.