Organizational Chart

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The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez

Deputy Minister
Arun Thangaraj

Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety and Security
Lisa Setlakwe

Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety and Security
Nicholas Robinson

Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs
Stephanie Hébert

Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy
Serge Bijimine

Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services
Ryan Pilgrim

Chief Service and Digital Officer
Kristina Casey

Director General, Communications
Jacqueline Roy

Chief, Audit and Evaluation Executive
Chantal Roy

Departmental General Counsel, Department of Justice
Alain Langlois

Regional Director General, Atlantic Region
Daniel Kumpf

Regional Director General, Quebec Region
Mélanie Morier

Regional Director General, Ontario Region
Duwayne Williams

Regional Director General, Prairie and Northern Region
Shari Currie

Assistant Deputy Minister, Pacific Region
Robert Dick