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Information Management ( IM ) and Information Technology ( IT ) enable Transport Canada ( TC ) employees to work together electronically to meet the department’s goals “to develop and administer policies, regulations and services for the best transportation system for Canada and Canadians”.

With the assistance of the Regional IM/IT Support Units, Technology and Information Management Services Directorate ( TIMSD ):

  • provides IM/IT services, systems, advice, and support on a national basis in Ottawa and TC ’s five regional offices (Pacific, Prairie and Northern, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic);
  • enables TC employees to interact with Canadians, businesses, and other government departments in a stable, robust, and secure electronic environment;
  • protects the security of all TC information regardless of the media in which it is stored;
  • promotes IM/IT security awareness and best practices as a component of TC ’s corporate security program;
  • develops, designs and implements software applications that allow employees to perform their business functions; and
  • manages IM/IT resources to ensure they meet the department’s evolving business needs in a proactive, prudent, and cost-effective manner.

TC employees are leaders in IM/IT . Since 2000, TC individuals and teams have been nominated for and received Distinction Awards at the Technology in Government Week (GTEC) Conference. GTEC is the largest forum in the world focused on managing information and technology to improve government programs and operations.

TIMSD consists of five branches: Transport Canada’s IM/IT Environment 2012/2013, Production Operations and Service Management, Application Management Services, IM/IT Architecture and Planning, and IT/IM Security and Infrastructure Planning. The Director General of TIMSD is also the department’s Chief Information Officer.

Information Management

At the national/corporate level, Information Management's responsibilities include all components of IM planning, policy, procedures, monitoring, reporting and training. Information Management also delivers a full range of services, including electronic document management, database support, data management, and records and mail management.

Production Operations and Service Management

At the national/corporate level, Computer Operations and Network Services’ responsibilities include delivery of all components of computer operations and network service infrastructure, including planning, policy, procedures, monitoring, reporting and training.

Application Management Services

At the national/corporate level, Application Management Services is responsible for all aspects of planning, policy, procedures, monitoring, reporting and training in the areas of informatics application development and maintenance, as well as the provision of Internet/Intranet Web site technical administration and support services. Application Management Services also delivers a full range of application development and maintenance services to the business lines, based on negotiated service level agreements and funding.

IM/IT Architecture and Planning

At the national/corporate level, IM/IT Architecture and Planning is responsible for all components of IM/IT architecture, research and development, IM/IT standards and policies, business transformation and service improvement, as well as IM/IT strategy, vision and integration.

Security and Infrastructure Planning

At the national/corporate level, IT/IM Security and Infrastructure is responsible for managing the development and delivery of the IT/IM Security program to identify and mitigate threats, risks and vulnerabilities; carrying out requirement analysis and business case development to obtain infrastructure project funding; acting as project technical authority on approved major and minor IT/IM projects; and directing the life cycle management of corporate IT/IM infrastructure.  In addition, the Branch assists the Departmental Security Officer ( DSO ) in the performance of his duties with respect to the coordination of Transport Canada’s Corporate Security program.