Buying a boat

Resources on buying a pleasure craft, applying for, or managing a Pleasure Craft License and being a responsible boat owner. Education courses for recreational boaters and information for manufacturers and importers of small vessels.

Services and information

Buying a pleasure craft

Find hull serial number and compliance notices, licensing requirements, buying a used boat, buying a boat from another country.

Apply for or manage a Pleasure Craft Licence

When you buy a boat, you need to get a pleasure craft licence. The licence number allows Search and Rescue personnel to access information in an emergency.

Education courses for recreational boaters

Find a list of accredited course providers, where you can obtain proof of competency, like the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

How to be a responsible boat owner

Resources that will help you be a responsible boat owner.

Manufacturers and importers of small vessels

In depth information on construction requirements, examples of compliance notices and Regulatory Emission Requirements for the manufacturing or importing of small vessels in Canada.