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People travelling from one part of the world to another should have confidence they will not be exposed to the risks conflict zones pose to civilian flight operations.

Through the Safer Skies Initiative, Canada is working with states, international organizations, the civil aviation industry, and the International Civil Aviation Organization, to enhance the level of safety and security for commercial airlines travelling in or near conflict zones.

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Conflict Zone Information Office

Transport Canada established the Conflict Zone Information Office to monitor high risk areas and provide guidance to Canadian air carriers operating in those areas. The Conflict Zone Information Office issues airspace notifications to air carriers when risks are deemed too high in a certain airspace. The current list of foreign airspace conflict zone-related notifications can be found here.

Safer Skies Consultative Committee

As part of the Safer Skies Initiative, Canada established the Safer Skies Consultative Committee (SSCC) in July 2020. The Committee brings together subject-matter experts from states, international organizations, and industry, and provides a formal international platform to consolidate discussions on conflict zones in relation to civil aviation.

The Committee meets regularly to share best practices and information, and recommend global standards and guidance on mitigating the risks conflict zones pose to commercial aviation. Together with states and the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Committee advocates on all matters related to conflict zones.

Safer Skies Forum

Making our skies safer requires effort and international collaboration to keep the momentum and dialogue ongoing. The Safer Skies Forum is an annual global event focused on conflict zone risk management. The first Safer Skies Forum took place virtually from December 8-9, 2020.

The second-annual Safer Skies Forum was hosted virtually by Canada and the SSCC on March 29-30, 2022. It brought together 365 expert partners representing over 55 countries and regions around the world, as well as international organizations, and the civil aviation industry. The third-annual Safer Skies Forum will be held in the Netherlands in 2023.

Safer Skies Forum Final Reports

Safer Skies Forum Final Report

Second Safer Skies Forum Report

Third Safer Skies Forum Report

Safer Skies Commitment Statement

At the first Safer Skies Forum, Canada’s Transport Minister launched the Safer Skies Commitment Statement, which is an international platform to advance the work required to avoid future aviation tragedies in or near conflict zones. To date, the Statement has been endorsed by 19 states and four international organizations.

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