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Updates to transportation related measures taken by Transport Canada in response to the evolving novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). For travel advice and all other updates, please visit


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Guidance, exemptions, safety alerts and bulletins for the air industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Marine Transportation

Guidance, interim orders and ship safety bulletins for the marine industry during the COVID-19 pandemic


Road Transportation

Guidance for the road industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Guidance, orders and temporary exemptions for the rail industry during the COVID-19 pandemic


Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Temporary certificates and transporting requirements for transporting dangerous goods during the COVID-19 pandemic

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News releases and backgrounders on changes in Canada’s transportation sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Message from Transport Canada on COVID-19

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Transport Canada remains committed to its top priority: the safety and security of Canadians and Canada’s transportation system, as well as ensuring the continued flow of essential goods and services that Canadians need to remain healthy.

We’re working with the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial and territorial governments, transportation industry stakeholders, and Indigenous Peoples to reduce the risk of transmission.

We would like to acknowledge everyone involved in transportation who continues to keep people and cargo moving. Thank you to the air crews, and flight attendants, air traffic controllers, airport and airline employees, port workers, mariners, train crews, and so many others who are getting essential goods and services that Canadians need. A particular thanks to the thousands of truck drivers working long hours to ensure health care and other critical sectors have the supplies they need to operate, and groceries stores remain fully stocked for Canadians.