COVID-19 information for the transportation industry

Information for the transportation industry

All federal border testing, quarantine, and isolation requirements ended on October 1, 2022

COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders

Pandemics cannot be stopped by one level of government alone. They know no border and do not respect provincial/territorial lines. In a country like Canada, where responsibilities are divided, collaboration between all levels of government is key.

The Government of Canada is working with provinces, territories, industry, and communities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the transportation industry and communities.

Many transportation workers are essential to deliver goods and get people from point A to point B. Public Safety Canada has developed Guidance on Essential Services and Functions in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic, which identifies essential workers in transportation. Each province and territory also has its own list of essential workers or businesses in transportation.

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Air operations in Canada

Canada is the world’s third-largest aviation market, with 18 million km2 of airspace managed by NAV CANADA.  In 2018, 6.5 million aircraft movements took place at airports, 3.7 million of which were made by airlines. General aviation companies made the other 2.8 million, which were itinerant and local (other commercial, private and government).

Managing the onboarding process

Transport Canada issued guidance for managing air travellers, including managing the onboarding process for flights departing from a Canadian aerodrome, U.S. transborder airports and international airports.


Marine operations in Canada

The marine transportation sector provides a vital service to all Canadians in ensuring the safe movement of goods (food, medicine, supplies to health care sector, and other essential products) and people. It is also important for resupply and as a transportation link, playing a vital role for coastal and island communities.

Commercial shipping vessels and at ports

Canada’s ports play a key role in the economy and international trade. The marine transportation sectors on the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic coasts are prepared for the higher risks posed by COVID-19.

We have created a poster [PDF] and a guide [PDF] showing how the marine community can keep employees safe, while moving goods safely and efficiently through our ports.

We have also introduced these measures for marine industry workers:

Working at Transport Canada-owned public ports

Please see the list of public ports owned by Transport Canada. Public ports are following the guidance of their local health authorities.

Canada Port Authorities

Canada’s Port Authorities have also put measures in place. Please check with them for any procedures they put in place. Refer to the guide on keeping marine workers safe at ports [PDF].

More information


Railway operations in Canada

Canada’s rail operations help sustain nearly every part of the Canadian economy, including our manufacturing, agricultural, natural resource, wholesale and retail sectors, transit, and tourism.

The passenger rail sector provides commuter, intercity and tourist transportation services. Passenger rail is either federally or provincially regulated. 


Road operations in Canada

Road transportation is the dominant mode for moving both freight and passengers across Canada. Trucking is the primary form of freight transportation. Our country is linked from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts by a network of connecting highways anchored by the Trans-Canada Highway. Canada also has extensive road networks across its southern, more populated areas.

Keeping commercial drivers safe

Truck drivers move all of the essential products Canadians depend on, including all the medical and sanitation supplies to combat the spread of this virus. They also move emergency relief and food products, as well as materials used to manufacture and process essential goods, the fuels that move them, and a multitude of other items the supply chain depends on.

As an essential service, the trucking industry knows it’s being counted on to make sure that goods are being safely transported. In line with this, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has issued a Resource Document for the Canadian Trucking Industry [PDF].

Transport Canada, in collaboration with PHAC and Employment and Social Development Canada, developed guidance to protect drivers and employees working in commercial vehicle operations: Federal safety guidance to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19 in commercial vehicle operations.

To help commercial vehicle drivers to choose and correctly use different types of personal protective equipment (PPE), we’ve also issued a guidance document: Personal Protective Equipment and their Use by Commercial Drivers

More information

Provincial/territorial commercial driver information

Province or Territory

Link(s) to Commercial Driver Information

British Columbia

BC Transit COVID-19 Information


AB COVID-19 Commercial Carrier Information

Calgary Transit Rider Resource


WorkSafe Saskatchewan Transportation and COVID-19 Safety


MB COVID-19 Transportation Advice


Ontario Infrastructure Health and Safety Association - Transportation Guidance

PSHSA COVID-19 Precautions When Working as a Transit Worker


Q&A on Transportation, Travel and Gatherings during COVID-19

New Brunswick

WorkSafe NB

Nova Scotia

WCB NS Trucking Safety During COVID-19

Prince Edward Island

PEI – Self-isolation for Essential Workers – contains a section for truck drivers

Newfoundland and Labrador

NL COVID-19 Guidance for Taxis and Public Transit [PDF]

Northwest Territories

GNWT - Social Distancing for Long Haul Truck Drivers

GNWT - Taxis and Public Transportation

School bus operations

We have worked with PHAC and Employment and Social Development Canada to develop recommendmeasures to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 in school bus operations.

If you’re thinking about installing a shield or enclosure to protect a school bus drivers from exposure to COVID-19, please read the Joint Guidance Document Transport Canada and CSA D250 School Bus Technical Committee.

Federal, provincial, and association resources

Federal resources

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

The CCOHS has developed a pandemic guide sheet for operating in the transportation sector [PDF] during a pandemic as well as a more specific one for airlines and ground crews [PDF]. They also have a sheet which can help in screening for COVID-19 [PDF]. Each document offers health and safety tips and best practices for employers and workers. Organizations and businesses can use this guidance to protect their workers and prevent the spread of infections.

Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PHAC has provided leadership and guidance which includes their risk-informed decision making guidelines for workplaces and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, provinces and territories have required many non-essential; workplaces and businesses to close during the pandemic. Check your provincial website for a list of essential workers and businesses.

The Government of Canada has lots of information for Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic, including advice on travel, safety and security.

Provincial and territorial resources

You should follow your local your public health authorities’ COVID-19 recommendations.

Province or Territory

Link(s) to COVID-19 Resources in Transportation

British Columbia

List of Essential Services

Province of BC - Travel Affected by COVID-19

Province of BC Response to COVID

BC Provincial Health Officer Orders, Notices and Guidance

BC Centre for Disease Control Info on COVID-19


Alberta – COVID-19 Info for Albertans

Alberta - COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Alberta Health Services


Government of Saskatchewan COVID-19 Workplace Information

Saskatchewan COVID-19 Resources


Province of MB - COVID-19 Updates

Province of MB – Travel Advice

Media Background on COVID-19 in Manitoba

Prohibition against travel to northern Manitoba. [PDF]


How Ontario is Responding to COVID-19

Province of Ontario Essential Workplaces


COVID-19 in Québec

Reopening and Maintaining Economic Activities

Q&A on Transportation, Travel and Gatherings during COVID-19

New Brunswick

NB Guidance for Businesses/Community Organizations

New Brunswick Travel Information

NB Website on Covid-19

NB - Declaration of a State of Emergency and Mandatory Order [PDF]

Prince Edward Island

PEI - Guidance for Travellers

PEI Essential, Non-Essential and Allowable Services

PEI -Self-Isolation for Essential Workers

PEI Public Health Orders

PEI - Travel Restrictions Order [PDF]

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia - COVID-19 Alerts and Notices

Nova Scotia – Working During COVID-19

Newfoundland and Labrador

NL - Life with COVID-19 Resources (including Travellers)

Info Sheets for Businesses and Workplaces

NL – Guidance on Travel Restrictions

Yukon – includes links to COVID-19

Yukon Information about COVID-19

Yukon - COVID-19 Orders and Recommendations

Yukon Direction and Guidance for the Delivery of Critical, Essential and Other Services – Updated June 3 [PDF]

Northwest Territories

NWT COVID-19  - includes link to Travelling and Moving Around

NWT Emerging Wisely – Path to Eased Public Health Restrictions


Nunavut - COVID-19 Information

Crown Corporations and Agencies

Crown Corporation or Agency

Link to COVID-19 Resources

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority (GLPA)

GLPA COVID-19 Notices

Laurentian Pilotage Authority (no COVID-related links available)

Pacific Pilotage Authority

PPA Publications and Industry Notices

Atlantic Pilotage Authority

APA Publications and Industry Notices

Federal Bridge Corporation Limited


International Resources

International Organization/ Association

Link to COVID-19 Resources

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

ICAO – Aviation and COVID-19

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

IMO COVID-19 Pandemic In Focus

International Chamber of Shipping

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

CLIA COVID-19 Press Release

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

Coronavirus Information from the FRA

International Transport Forum (ITF)

Transport and COVID-19: Responses and Resources

Association Resources


Link(s) to COVID-19 Resources

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Resources for Airlines and Air Transport Professionals

Air Transport and COVID-19 Coronavirus

Action Cargo: COVID-19

Canadian Airports Council

COVID-19 Resources and Information

Trucking HR Canada

COVID-19 Employer Resource Hub

Canadian Trucking Alliance

Canadian Trucking Alliance - COVID-19

Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators

CCMTA - Jurisdictional Actions in Response to COVID-19

Canadian Urban Transit Association

CUTA - COVID-19 Resources