Vessel licensing and registration

Pleasure craft licence, vessel registration, Canadian Register of Vessels, Small Vessel Register, marine mortgage, bareboat registry, vessel history, coasting trade licence.

vessel licensing

Services and information

Apply for or manage a Pleasure Craft Licence (PCL)

License a pleasure craft, manage pleasure craft licence, updates and changes to licence, boat dealer demonstration licence.

Apply for or manage a vessel registration

Register commercial vessels and pleasure craft, manage registration, report changes, transfer ownership.


Register or manage a marine mortgage

Register, transfer or discharge a marine mortgage, builder’s mortgage, death of mortgagee.

Request or extend a certificate of bareboat registry

Bareboat charters in or out of Canada, obtain or extend a certificate of bareboat registry, suspend or reinstate a vessel’s registry in Canada.


Request transcripts or historical research of a vessel

Vessel Registration Query System, transcripts, vessel history.

Coasting trade

What is coasting trade in Canada, coasting trade licence, advance notification for foreign vessels.