Transport Canada Targeted Regulatory Review

In 2017, the Minister of Transport introduced a Transformation Strategy intended to modernize its program and service delivery; one of the key elements of which is Regulatory Modernization. The Strategy states that Transport Canada is committed to modernizing its regulatory regime to be outcome-based, risk-informed, agile and transparent, while supporting innovation and strengthening safety and security of the transportation sector.

Transport Canada participated in the Regulatory Review focused on the transportation sector to identify and address regulatory barriers to economic growth and innovation. Based on feedback from stakeholder engagement, Transport Canada drafted a Transportation Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap to address issues raised.

The Transportation Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap lays out a regulatory modernization plan in support of innovation and economic growth in the transportation sector. In addition to existing resources from implicated regulatory departments and agencies, the Government has identified proposed legislative and regulatory changes, as well as additional funding to move forward on the Regulatory Roadmaps. Budget 2019 announced funding of $45.8 million over five years, starting in 2019-20, in support of the implementation of initiatives from the Transportation Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap.

The Transportation Sector Regulatory Review Roadmap identifies a suite of initiatives, and proposed timelines (as of May 2019), to advance regulatory modernization in the transportation sector.

For further details and the latest information on proposed regulatory changes, please view Transport Canada’s Forward Regulatory Plan.

For further details and the latest information on proposed policy, program or novel approaches, go to: Roadmap Policy and Program Initiatives and Novel Approaches.