Register for the aircraft certification specialty course: overview

This course teaches people how to certify aeronautical products. It’s highly technical and is meant for engineers, technologists and members of the aviation industry.

The course provides participants with a comprehensive foundation in the regulatory framework, procedures and responsibilities governing the certification of aeronautical products in Canada. It also provides practical knowledge and skills used by regulatory engineers and industry delegates in carrying out the certification function.

The course is 10 days in length over a 2-week period. You can use the weekend in between to review course material or enjoy the city in which the course is held.

We also offer changed product rule training, both on its own and as one day of the aircraft certification course.


There is a pre-course quiz and 3 quizzes. You must get an overall grade of 70% to receive a certificate.

The course covers the following topics.

Part I – Safety framework:

  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation aircraft certification
  • regulations, standards and advisories
  • delegation of authority and safety management systems in a delegated organization

Part II – Type certification:

Part III – Continuing airworthiness:

  • instructions for continued airworthiness
  • overview of Maintenance Steering Group-3
  • aircraft flight manuals
  • master minimum equipment lists
  • case studies in flight test engineering
  • continuing airworthiness and aging aircraft

Changed product rule training

This one-day training provides participants with working-level skills and knowledge required to apply the changed product rule. The training allows participants to practice the skills, and identify and use the resources and tools, required to implement the rule effectively.

There are no prerequisites to attend.

Since 2010, anyone who completes the aircraft certification course doesn’t need to do this training separately. But if you completed the aircraft certification course before 2010, you can take this training on its own.

Register using the application form for the aircraft certification course.