Drone Safety Mission 3: Take your drone pilot online exam


Text appears on screen as being typed.

Bulletin: New drone regulations in effect on June 1, 2019.

A drone flies straight into a computer screen and enters into a retro video game. All the images are simplified, minimalist, geometric shapes, like old 8-bit video games.

Mission 3: Take your drone pilot online exam

Time needed: 60-90 minutes minutes

Destination: www.Canada.ca/drone-safety

If your drone weighs 250 g to 25 kg, you must pass a knowledge test.

You need to know about:

  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Weather
  • Communication
  • Flight planning
  • and more...

Take a course at a flight school to prepare.

Take exams at the Drone Management Portal.
Get immediate results.

Exam passed.
Mission complete!

The drone flies out of the computer screen.

Drone safety
Know before you go!