Drone Safety Mission 4: Fly your drone safely and responsibly


Text appears on screen as being typed.

Bulletin: New drone regulations in effect on June 1, 2019.

A drone flies straight into a computer screen and enters into a retro video game. The drone flies towards a blue planet in the distance. All the images are simplified, minimalist, geometric shapes, like old 8-bit video games.

Mission 4: Fly your drone safely and responsibly

Destination: www.Canada.ca/drone-safety

The drone flies over a green field.  A horizontal dotted line indicating “122 M" appears in the sky. The drone stays below that line.

Stay below 122 metres (400 feet).

The drone pilot is at one end of the field with a clear view free of obstacles. Two dotted lines extend from their eyes showing a literal line of sight with the drone.

Keep a clear line of sight.

The drone flies over a green field populated with low-res people at the other end of the screen. Two vertical dotted lines appear between the drone and people and is labelled “30 M." The drone never crosses the lines keeping a 30-metre distance from bystanders. 

Basic operations: Stay 30 metres from bystanders.

The two vertical dotted lines disappear and the drone flies over the bystanders.

Advanced operations: Fly less than 30 metres or over bystanders.

The drone cruises over trees.

Basic operations: Fly in uncontrolled airspace.

An aerodrome and control tower appear at the other end of the screen.

Advanced operations: Choose the right drone to fly in controlled airspace.

The drone pilot emits a signal.

Contact air traffic control to obtain permission.

The tower starts emitting the same signal right after (representing 2-way communication). The drone flies off-screen.

Drone Safety
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