Aircraft maintenance experience sample tasks - Avionics (E) licence

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The following is an excerpt from AWM 566 (Skill - 4)(e) (Maintenance Tasks)

Applicants shall have performed a representative selection of eligible maintenance tasks, over the full range of applicable systems and structures. The tasks shall comprise not less than 70 percent of the items listed, applicable to the rating sought within the range of experience claimed. Each task claimed shall have been subject to a maintenance release pursuant to CAR 571.10, or an equivalent civil aviation maintenance certification under the rules of a contracting state.

Proof of having completed aircraft maintenance tasks shall take the form of a certification by the AME, or equivalent person who supervised the work. The certification statement shall include the date, aircraft type, registration mark, or component serial number as applicable, and confirm that the applicant is able to:

  1. (A) identify the applicable standard for the task;
  2. (B) select the proper tools;
  3. (C) perform the work correctly without supervision; and
  4. (D) complete the necessary documentation.

Important: Persons who sign for completion of maintenance tasks shall be responsible for the accuracy of statements made.


Each task must be individually initialled by the person attesting to it's completion. More than 1 individual may attest to the tasks completed by an Applicant.

The person initialling the maintenance tasks is attesting that the applicant is competent to perform the specific function/task in accordance with the certification statement above.

Each signatory is required to complete the information below:

# Name (print) Licence # Initials Signature Date


ATA Maintenance Tasks Initial Date A/C Type A/C Reg. or Component S/N#
ATA 05
Time limits
Mtce Checks
  • Review records for compliance with
  • Airworthiness directives
  • Review records for compliance with component life limits
ATA 06
  • Locate components by station number
ATA 08
  • Prepare weight and balance amendment
  • Check aircraft against equipment list
ATA 21
Air Conditioning
  • Check operation of air conditioning/heating System
  • Check operation of pressurization system
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 22
Auto Flight
  • Install servos
  • Rig bridle cables
  • Replace controller
  • Replace amplifier
  • Check operation of auto-pilot
  • Check operation of auto-throttle
  • Check operation of yaw damper
  • Check and adjust servo clutch
  • Perform autopilot gain adjustments
  • Perform mach trim functional check
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 23
Communica- tions
  • Replace VHF com unit
  • Replace HF com unit
  • Replace existing antenna
  • Install new antenna
  • Replace static discharge wicks
  • Check operation of radios
  • Perform antenna check
  • Perform selcal operational check
  • Perform operational check of passenger address system
  • Functionally check audio integrating system
  • Repair co-axial cable
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 24
Electrical Power
  • Charge lead/acid battery
  • Charge ni-cad battery
  • Check battery capacity
  • Replace cells
  • Deep-cycle ni-cad battery
  • Replace generator
  • Replace switches
  • Replace circuit breakers
  • Adjust voltage regulator
  • Amend electrical load analysis report
  • Repair/replace electrical feeder cable
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 25
  • Check ELT for compliance with regulations
ATA 26
Fire Protection
  • Check operation of warning system
  • Check lavatory smoke detector system
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 28
  • Calibrate of fuel quantity gauges
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 29
  • Check indicating systems
  • Perform functional checks
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 30
Ice and Rain
  • Replace timer
  • Replace distributor
  • Install wiper motor 
  • Repair de-icing boot 
  • Check operation of systems
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 31
Recording Systems
  • Replace flight data recorder
  • Replace cockpit voice recorder
  • Replace clock
  • Replace panel vibrator
  • Replace master caution unit
  • Perform FDR calibration/correlation check
  • Perform FDR data retrieval
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 32
Landing Gear
  • Test antiskid unit
  • Adjust micro switches
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 33
  • Repair/replace rotating beacon
  • Repair/replace landing lights
  • Repair/replace navigation lights
  • Repair/replace interior lights
  • Repair/replace emergency lighting system
  • Perform emergency lighting system checks
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 34
  • Calibrate magnetic direction indicator
  • Replace airspeed indicator
  • Replace altimeter
  • Replace air data computer
  • Replace VOR unit
  • Replace ADI
  • Replace HSI
  • Check pilot static system for leaks
  • Check operation of directional gyro
  • Functional check of weather radar
  • Functional check doppler
  • Functional check TCAS
  • Functional check DME
  • Functional check ATC Transponder
  • Functional check flight director system
  • Functional check inertial nav system
  • Complete quadrantal error correction of ADF system
  • Update flight management system data base
  • Check calibration of altimeter system
  • Check calibration of pressure altitude reporting system
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 38
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 45
Central Mtce System
  • Retrieve data from CMU
  • Replace CMU
  • Perform Bite check
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 52
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 61
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 62
Main Rotors
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 67
Rotocraft flight controls
  • Trouble shoot faulty system
ATA 64
Tail Rotors
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 71
Power Plant
  • Repair faulty wiring
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 72
Piston Engines
  • Perform ground run
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 72
Turbine Engines
  • Perform ground run
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 73
Fuel and Control,
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 73
Fuel and Control,
  • Adjust FCU
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 74
Ignition Systems,
  • Check timing
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 74
Ignition Systems,
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 76
Engine Controls
  • Check control sync (multi-eng)
  • Adjust pedestal micro-switches
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 77
Engine indicating
  • Replace engine instruments
  • Replace oil temperature bulb
  • Replace thermocouples
  • Check calibration
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 78
Exhaust, Piston
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 79
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 80
  • Replace starter relay
  • Check cranking speed
  • Troubleshoot
ATA 81
Turbines, Piston Engines
  • Adjust density controller
ATA 82
Engine Water Injection
  • Check fluid for quality
  • Troubleshoot faulty system
ATA 83
Accessory Gear Boxes
  • Check chip detector


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