Apply to the Airport Critical Infrastructure Program: Overview

The Airport Critical Infrastructure Program (ACIP) will provide financial support to eligible airports to ensure that critical infrastructure projects can continue for the following purposes.

  • 1) The ACIP funding related to air sector recovery in support of critical infrastructure projects that are at risk of delay or cancellation and demonstrate at least one of the following:
    • Ensure airports can meet and maintain safety standards required for continued operation;
    • Improve the airport’s ability to provide operational efficiencies related to airport security;
    • Improve the connectivity between airports and communities through the use of mass transit.
  • 2) The ACIP funding in support of investments to reduce the importation and transmission of COVID-19 will enable airports to implement COVID-19 testing and screening infrastructure.

Request a copy for the application guide

Carefully read the Airport Critical Infrastructure Program application guide before you start to prepare application for funding to ensure that you understand what information is required as well as the process.

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