Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) No. 549.13/1A

AMA: 549.13/1A
Date: October 31, 1992

Subject: Equipment And Instruments For Amateur-Built Aircraft

1. Purpose.

This advisory information is published to make the owners/ pilots of amateur-built aircraft aware of the requirements for installation and maintenance of equipment and instruments.  These requirements are not included in Chapter 549, but are required by other existing regulations and standards.

2. Reference Airworthiness Standards

Chapter 549, "Airworthiness Standards: Amateur-Built Air­craft" and Engineering nd Inspection Manual, Part II.

3. Background And Discussion

Amateur-built aircraft owners/pilots may not be fully aware of existing standards, contained in the Engineering and Inspection (E&I) Manual, and requirements published in the Air Navigation Orders (ANO), which apply to amateur-built aircraft.

This AMA contains some of the more commonly applied standards and regulations, but it is not exhaustive.  Abiding by these regulations and standards does not exempt the owner/pilot of an amateur-built aircraft from complying with other requirements, which may become applicable because of a specific installation or type of operation.

4. Regulations And Standards.

  1. Safety belts and shoulder harnesses (ref. Chapter 549, para. 549.13 (a)(1)) are required by ANO Series II, No. 2 to enhance post-crash survivability for the occupants of an aircraft.
  2. Portable fire extinguishers (ref. Chapter 549, para. 549.13(a)(4)) are required by E&I Manual Part II, Sect. 3.5 para. 3.5.2 for all aircraft, except for amateur-built aircraft with open cockpit and non-powered gliders. AMA 500 C/4A addresses this subject and provides interpretation of FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 20-42C.
  3. Magnetic Compass (Ref. Chapter 549, para. 549.13(b)(3)) is required by ANO Series II, No. 19 and shall be calibrated in accordance with the requirement of [Chapter 571, sect. 571.215.]
  4. Exhaust Type Cockpit and Cabin Heaters.  The equipment shall be inspected according to the requirements of E&I Manual, Part II, Sect. 2.2.
  5. Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).  This equipment shall be installed, operated and maintained as required by ANO Series II, No. 17.
  6. Night VFR Operations.  The Special Certificate of Airworthiness issued for an amateur-built aircraft allows the aircraft to be operated in night VFR conditions after the completion of the applicable periods of flight time specified in AMA 549/1, para. 9.  To operate at night, an amateur-built aircraft shall be equipped in accordance with the requirements of ANO Series II, No. 6 "Night Flying Equipment Order".

M. Khouzam
Airworthiness Standards