Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) No. 561/3A

AMA: 561/3A
Date: May 15, 1990

Subject: Certification


This advisory provides information concerning Chapter 561, Subchapter C of the Airworthiness Manual and sets forth acceptable means, but not the sole means, of compliance with its requirements.  It covers only those sections where further discussion would be helpful, and provides at Appendix A, samples of the forms prescribed by DOT for the certification of aeronautical products newly manufactured in Canada.  The numbering and headings of the paragraphs of this advisory refer to the applicable sections of Chapter 561, Subchapter C.

561.305 Airworthiness Certification -Aircraft

A Statement of Conformity form A.I.100 will be provided by the manufacturer and will include, as a minimum, all of the applicable information and the certification statements prescribed in Appendix A, Figure 1.  The number of copies and distribution required for each aircraft will be as prescribed by the appropriate DOT regional office.

An AIR employed by an aircraft manufacturer, when authorized by the Minister, may:

  1. Issue, a Standard Certificate of Airworthiness for a newly manufactured aircraft, and
  2. Issue, a Certificate of Airworthiness for Export for a newly manufactured aircraft.

The above functions will be carried out in accordance with Chapter 507 and any other direction provided by the Regional Manager, Airworthiness.  Copies of all aviation documents issued shall be sent to the appropriate Regional Manager, Airworthiness within 48 hours after issue.

561.307 Certification -Aeronautical Products other than Complete Aircraft

The conformity certification should be made on a document positively identifi-able to the organization issuing it.  Preferred documents are the manufac-turer's release notes or release certificates although others may be used provided that they contain the same information and the certification state-ment.  Such documents should be designed to include the following information:

  1. The approved manufacturer's name and address,
  2. The manufacturer's approval number,
  3. A description of the product, i.e., name, part or model number, serial number (if applicable) and product manufacturer,
  4. The quantity,
  5. A statement certifying that the aeronautical product described thereon conforms to approved design data, and is in a condition for safe opera-tion, and
  6. The signature of an authorized inspector above his typewritten or printed name.

All entries on airworthiness certification documents should be typewritten or printed in permanent ink.

An example of an acceptable manufacturer release certificate is shown at Appendix A, Figure 2.  These certificates will be produced by approved manufacturers and will include as a minimum all of the applicable information and the certifica-tion statement prescribed in the sample form.  However, the export block may be omitted if the tags are not to be used for export.

561.309 Certification for Export

Certification for export of aeronautical products may be carried out by a Department of Transport Airworthiness Inspector, or an Airworthiness Inspection Representative delegated this authority in accordance with Chapter 505 of the Airworthiness Manual.

Certification for export procedures for aeronautical products are contained in Chapter 507 of the Airworthiness Manual.

M. Khouzam
Airworthiness Standards

Appendix A