Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) No. 563/2

AMA: 563/2
Date: January 1, 1986

Subject: Product Control System Manual Preparation

1. Purpose

To provide information concerning the format and contents of a typical product control system manual which may be used by distributors of aeronautical prod-ucts to assist them in meeting the appropriate requirements set forth in Chap-ter 563 of the Airworthiness Manual.

2. Information

  1. This advisory describes the acceptable means, but not the sole means, for the preparation of a distributors product control system manual pursuant to Chapter 563, Subchapter A, Section 563.105(a).
  2. Since there are many alternative approaches to preparing a product con-trol system manual which may differ from the pattern outlined in this advi-sory, the information set forth should be used only when it is necessary to develop a new manual.  An existing manual to a different format may be accept-able to DOT provided it contains the product control system requirements spec-ified in the relevant chapters of the Airworthiness Manual.
  3. A sample product control system manual representing a fictitious distri-butor organization is shown in Annex 1 for information and guidance purposes. 

3. Introduction

  1. One of the prerequisites for obtaining DOT approval of a distributors product control system is the preparation and submission of a Product Control System Manual (PCSM).
  2. A PCSM is intended to describe a particular distributor organization's policies regarding the product control system developed to retain the integ-rity of a certified approved aeronautical product from the time of acquisition until it is supplied to a customer, and, to illustrate compliance with rele-vant DOT regulations and requirements.  A distributor's PCSM should therefore provide for the following:
    1. A commitment by senior management which provides for the control of work operations and procedures essential to retain the established integrity of the aeronautical products his organization distributes;
    2. The assignment of responsibilities for aeronautical product control within the organization and the authority delegated for their fulfilment.  If necessary, organization charts may also be provided to portray the assignment of responsibilities and to clearly indicate the positions of persons responsi-ble for product control and their relationship to other functions;
    3. A list and a brief description of the organization's detailed product control system procedures which provide for the control of aeronautical prod-ucts, refer to sub-paragraph 5 (g) of this advisory.  Detailed product control procedures should not normally be included in a PCSM because of frequent amendments, however they could be included where the size of the distributor organization and the complexity of the procedures are limited; and,
    4. The method to be used for updating a PCSM and the procedures affecting company policies regarding the submission of amendments to DOT for review and acceptance.

4. General Requirements

  1. A PCSM could be prepared in sections arranged in the following sequence:

    Section 1           

    • General
    • Company certification page and DOT approval page
    • Amendment certification page
    • Table of contents
    • Foreword
    • Amendment and re-issue information

    Section 2

    • Product control
    • Responsibilities

    Section 3

    • Product control system procedures
    • Purchasing, Receiving, Inspection
    • Product Handling
    • Certification and release
    • Records

    Section 4

    • Authorized signatories

    Section 5

    • Distribution list

    Section 6

    • Appendices
  2. Sections should be numbered consecutively and no more than one section heading should be contained on any one page of a PCSM.

5. Product Control System Manual Contents

The following sub-paragraphs contain information regarding the details re-quired for preparing each of the sections listed in paragraph 4 above.

Company Certification and DOT Approval Page

  1. A company certification statement and a DOT approval statement similar in format shown in Annex 1, Page 1 should be prepared for signature for each issue or re-issue of a PCSM, and when a new certification page is inserted to cover a re-issue, all previous certification and amendment certification pages should be removed from a PCSM.

Amendment Certification Page

b. An amendment certification page similar to the format shown in Annex 1, Page 2 should be prepared and signed each time a PCSM is amended, provided that a new page is not required in accordance with sub-paragraph (a) above to cover a re-issue.  Amendment certification pages should be inserted in chrono-logical order immediately following the Company Certification and DOT Approval page.

Table of Contents

c. The table of contents should be a list of the relevant sections and sub-sections including titles and page numbers.  Refer to Annex 1, Page 3 for a typical example.


d. An aeronautical product control system must receive the complete support of management to be effective, and such support should be demonstrated in the foreword of a PCSM by clearly defining the policies and objectives of a dis-tributor organization's product control system.  An example of such a state-ment is shown in the sample manual at Annex 1, page 4, however, it is sug-gested that each distributor organization evolve its own policy statement in regard to maintaining the established integrity of the aeronautical products being distributed.

Amendment Information

e. This sub-section should describe the methods to be used for the periodic review, amendment, re-issue and retrieval of a PCSM and related procedures.  Amendments should be made by replacement of the affected page or pages.  Each amended page should be identified by amendment number and date of the amend-ment.

Product Control Responsibilities

f. Pursuant to 563-105(a)(3), persons performing product control functions should have sufficiently well defined responsibilities and the delegated au-thority to recognize and assess product control system problems having an adverse affect on the integrity of an  aeronautical product; and, to initiate, recommend, and/or provide solutions.  This section of a PCSM should therefore deal with the delegated authority and the assigned responsibilities for per-forming aeronautical product control functions as they relate to:  setting product control standards; appraising their conformance; taking necessary corrective action; and, planning improvements.

Product Control System Procedures

g. This section of a PCSM should contain a brief description of each product control system function and how the delegated authority exercises control on all those aspects of the function which have an effect on an aeronautical product.  Reference should be made to the detailed product control procedure related to each of the following functions required pursuant to Section 563-105(b) of the Airworthiness Manual:  purchasing; receiving inspection; handling; preservation and packing; certification and release; and records management.

Authorized Signatories

h. This section should contain or make reference to company policies gov-erning the nomination, selection, training, accreditation, and control of personnel authorized to certify aeronautical products pursuant to Chapter 563, Subchapter C of the Airworthiness Manual.

Distribution List

i. This section should contain or make reference to the distribution list of the holders of the distributors PCSM and the control number of the codes issued.


j. This section should be used to display a copy of the tags and forms re-ferred to throughout a PCSM where the number of such documents are limited, otherwise they should be displayed in relevant product control procedures.

G.F. Marsters
Airworthiness Branch

Appendix A