Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions (MSI) No. 57

Subject: Number: MSI 57
Implementation of Amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations CAR's Revision No: 3
  Number of Pages: 16
File No: AARP-5009-3-57 Issue Date: 31 January, 2006

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this Maintenance Staff Instruction is to inform all Maintenance and Manufacturing Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASI’s) of upcoming amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations and their related Standards. All Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPA’s) scheduled to be implemented into the next amendment of the CAR’s will be summarized in an Appendix attached to this MSI.

2. Background

2.1 Part of the mandate for the Standards and Procedures Division in Headquarters (AARPE) is to inform regional inspectors in advance of any impending changes, publication dates, explanations and possible implementation periods for any upcoming amendments to the CAR’s. NPA’s that have been accepted by the Canadian Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council (CARAC) technical committee and are to be published in the Canada Gazette Part II will be the subject of this MSI. AARPE’s goal is to distribute this MSI approximately 30 days prior to each new release of the CAR’s, which will provide the regions with an advance notification of upcoming changes to the CAR’s.

2.2 AARPE, in consultation with the Policy Development Division (AARPC), will be continuously reviewing all outstanding NPA’s that are being put through the regulatory rule making process. The resulting review of the regulatory changes may necessitate additional implementation support from AARPE based on the significance of the change and the possible impact to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and/or industry. This additional implementation could range from training/workshops for regional inspectors to presentations during symposia to alert industry to upcoming changes. During the review period, feedback from the regions may also identify the need for additional guidance and future implementation plans.

3. Future Rule Changes

3.1 NPA’s not yet published in the Canada Gazette Part II (changes still being discussed at CARAC) will not be included as part of the appendix to this MSI. Transport Canada’s Regulatory Services branch provides information in regards to the status of all NPA’s, still under development. CASI’s seeking additional information in regards to the status of any upcoming rule changes should visit the following website.

4. CAR Amendments

4.1 Attached to this staff instruction is a series of appendices, which will provide a summary of the next upcoming regulation and standard rule changes listed by Part, Subpart, Subsection and or paragraph. As appropriate, each item will include a brief description of the change, along with some of the rationale information for making the change, when necessary.

4.2 Although Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing (M&M) may not be the Office of Primary Interest (OPI) for all of the changes in an amendment of the CARs, any changes, which may be of interest to M&M inspectors and/or for which M&M has been identified as an Office of Technical Interests OTI will be listed in the appendix summary for your quick reference.

4.3 All information provided in the appendix to this MSI is for the purpose of providing basic content and guidance for upcoming rule changes. Once the regulations come into force, a complete review of the actual regulation or standard should be completed to ensure that the full content of the change is read and understood.

5. Compliance Periods for Implementation of Regulatory Changes

5.1 Some regulatory changes may require a company to amend their applicable manual. Rule change summaries listed in the appendix of the MSI will indicate whenever such a requirement is evident.

5.2 Rule change summaries may include an implementation period for the new or amended rule. Rule changes come into force on the date of the published amendment to the regulations, but TC will often suggest an implementation date to allow for the completion of the manual amendments and for the full implementation of the rule change where appropriate.

5.3 Under normal circumstances manual amendments should be submitted to TC within the six months following the rule change amendment date; however, an additional implementation period may be added to allow full implementation of the change within the organization.    

6. Effective date

6.1 This instruction comes into effect immediately.

7. HQ Contact

7.1 The responsible officer indicated below may be contacted for information regarding this MSI:

Chief Standards & Procedures
Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
Phone:      (613) 952-4386
Facsimile: (613) 952-3298

D.B. Sherritt
Maintenance and Manufacturing