Commercial and Business Aviation Policy Letter (CBAPL) No. 169


Development and implementation of an advanced qualification program (AQP).

File Number

RDIMS # 928535



Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy Letter is to provide a process for the Principal Operations Inspectors to allow air operators to develop and implement an Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) and to establish the conditions under which Transport Canada will authorize an AQP.


This policy applies to Principal Operations Inspectors and Canadian air operators who wish to develop and implement an AQP.


Transport Canada has conditionally authorized air operators to develop and implement an AQP in accordance with specific requirements.

Standards for AQP are currently being developed. In the mean time, it has been decided to publish the information and requirements under the cover of a Policy Letter to allow air operators to take immediate advantage of the program.

Paragraph 705.113(2)(c) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) contains a provision applicable to an AQP.


The procedure and requirements to develop and implement an AQP are contained in the attachment to this Policy Letter.

Air operators are expected to develop and implement their AQP in accordance with the procedure contained in the attachment to this Policy Letter.

Principal Operations Inspectors are expected to provide the information in the Policy Letter to each AQP applicants upon request, and to use that information in the AQP approval process.

Future Disposition

This Policy Letter and its attachment will remain in effect until the standard on AQP is published in the Commercial Air Services Standards (CASS), at which point it will be revised to be complementary to the new standard.


Development and Implementation of Advanced Qualification Program Document

Reference Number

This Policy Letter is designated AARX No. 169.

Michel Gaudreau
Commercial & Business Aviation