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Corrections to the ERG2020

  1. ERRATA on page 20 of the FRENCH version only: The text should read:
    1. 638 Matière toxique et inflammable (point d’éclair de 23°C à 60°C, valeurs limites comprises) et corrosive
    2. 639Matière toxique et inflammable (point d’éclair égal ou inférieur à 60°C), pouvant produire spontanément une réaction violente

Corrections to the ERG2016

  1. ERRATA on page 296 of the ENGLISH version only: For UN1051 (Hydrocyanic acid, aqueous solutions, with more than 20% Hydrogen cyanide / Hydrogen cyanide, anhydrous, stabilized / Hydrogen cyanide, stabilized), there is an error with one of the distances found in Table 1 - Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances. In the section LARGE SPILLS for DAY, the correct distance should be 1.1 km (and not 3.7 km). This modification do not apply to UN1051 - AC (when used as a weapon).

  2. ERRATA on page 13 of the ENGLISH and FRENCH version: There is an error with the Guide Number assigned to the image of the Compressed Gas/Tube Trailer. The correct Guide number should be Guide 117 (and not Guide 137).
  3. ERRATA on page 13 of the SPANISH version only: There is an error in the descriptive text for the DOT412, TC412, SCT312, MC312, TC312 road trailer. The last bullet indicates the wrong pressure. The pressure should be 15 psi (and not 25 psi).
  4. ERRATA on page 383 of the SPANISH version only: There is an error in the definition for "Grupo de compatibilidad". The last explosive compatibility group should have the letter S (and not the letter O).


Corrections to the ERG2012

  1. ERRATA on page 101 of the Spanish version only: For UN3446 (Nitrotoluenos, sólidos), there was an error with the assigned Guide number. It should be Guide 152 (and not Guide 151). This error is only present in the yellow pages of the Spanish version.

  2. ERRATA on pages 272-273 of the English version, on pages 266-267 of the French version and on pages 306-307 of the Spanish version: Guide 167 that used to refer to ID No. 9192, Fluorine, refrigerated liquid (cryogenic liquid), should have been removed (or pages left blank intentionally) from the ERG because this entry (ID no. 9192) doesn't exist anymore in the 2012 version of the Guidebook.

  3. ERRATA on page 127 of the French version only: For the product "Matière radioactive, colis de Type C, fissile" (UN3330), there was an error with the assigned Guide number. It should be Guide 165 (and not Guide 163). This error is only present in the Blue pages of the French version.

  4. ERRATA on page 366 of the English version, on page 350 of the French version and on page 412 of the Spanish version: The equation for the water flow is wrong. The correct equation should be:

    English version: 


    French version:


    Spanish version:

  5. ERRATA on page 367 of the English version and on page 413 of the Spanish version: There was an error with the conversion factor used to convert Litres to Gallons in the first column of the BLEVE Table. The correct values are found in the following tables:

    English version:


    Spanish version:

  6. ERRATA on page 364 of the English version, on page 349 of the French version and on page 410 of the Spanish version: In the last sentence of the paragraph under the title BLEVE, there was an error in the UN number for propylene. The sentence should be: LPGs include the following flammable gases; Butane, UN1011; Butylene, UN1012; Isobutylene, UN1055; Propylene, UN1077; Isobutane, UN1969; and Propane, UN1978.

Corrections to the ERG2008

1) IMPORTANT: A printing error has been reported that appears in a limited number of copies of the English version of the ERG2008 books. The error is that the first part of the blue section in the alphabetical listing from pages 97 to 128 has been duplicated and therefore appears twice. The alphabetical blue section that normally follows is missing (pages 129 to 160). Please verify your copy of the ERG2008 for accuracy and report any errors to CANUTEC at

2) ERRATA on page 16 of all three versions (English, French and Spanish), the drawing for the Class 2.3 placards has been modified. The new placard for Ammonia, anhydrous (UN1005) should be displayed separately and refer to GUIDE 125.


3) ERRATA on page 144 of the English version. Please correct the entry on page 144 (fourth item) for "Petrol and ethanol mixture, with more than 10% ethanol". The ID No. in the Guidebook is written as 347. The correct ID No. should be 3475 and not 347. This error is only present in the english version of the Guidebook.

Corrections to the ERG2004

1) ERRATA on page 18 of the French and Spanish Guidebooks (only Spanish copies printed in the United States), the drawings depicting pressure and non-pressure tank cars were mistakenly interchanged.

The illustrations should appear as below in the French and Spanish Guidebooks:

French Version




Spanish Version


2) ERRATA on page 19 of all three versions (English, French and Spanish), the following codes: (MC306, TC306) that appear in parentheses under the top right drawing should read (TC341, CGA341) as per illustration below:

English Version


French Version


Spanish Version


Corrections to the ERG2000

A mistake has been found in the english version of the 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook. Please correct the entry on page 360, under the ID No.1162 (first entry on the table). The Guide No. in the guidebook is 151. The correct Guide No. page should be 155 and not 151. This error is only present in the english version of the guidebook. The on-line and download version do not have this error. Please correct in your copy of the guidebook.

A mistake was found in Guide No. 167 for the online and downloadable versions, and not in the printed book. In section for Fire, the heading Small Fire was repeated. The second entry should have read Large Fire. This has been corrected. If you are using the downloadable version, we invite you to please download the new version.

Comments about the Emergency Response Guidebook

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